lemon cucumber? what is that?

pick chick & pick dude says:

We decided that we wanted to pick peaches locally, so we searched and found Styer’s Orchard in Langhorne, PA, a little town in Bucks County.  Let us tell you that this place quickly became one of our new favorite weekend quick trips!  It is a full working orchard and farm that is completely PYO.  Whatever is ready to pick, it is your’s for the picking!  After our stone fruit pick, we headed over to the veggie section and we came across the lemon cucumber, sometimes referred to as the yellow cucumber.

We had never seen this round little veggie before and was totally curious about it!  It doesn’t look anything like the cucumbers we are used to.  It is yellow and white striped, not green.  It is round and fat, not long and skinny.  We were told by the lovely folks at Styer’s that it is sweet and good for digestion.  They could have said it was horrible; we still would have picked it!






pick chick says: Not knowing what to do with this round yellow cucumber, I searched the internet for ideas and nothing really grabbed us.  So I decided to stay simple.  With the skins on, I sliced some pieces and sprinkled salt on them.  Took a bite and wow, what a great crunch!   There seems to be more meat (less mushy seedy insides) than their green counterparts and had a sweet mild taste.  Very crunchy and tasty.  Chopped some more, threw them into a baby greens salad with some glazed walnuts and a slice of blue cheese.  Dressed it with a champagne vinaigrette from one of my favorite small town bakeries, Main Street Bakery, in Princeton.  It was refreshing and a nice twist to a green cucumber!

worth the pick?

pick chick says:  I must admit, I am new to cucumbers.  I never liked them growing up and only began to eat them, sparingly, over the past year.  So I am not a huge cucumber fan.  I did like the strong crunch and I just love eating things that are out of the ordinary, but as far as picking it again, I would pick it and gift it to a cucumber lover.

pick dude says:  I am happy when my wife is happy so I’m sure that we will be going back to her new happy place, Styer’s Orchards.  As I was picking some yellow tomatoes, she was picking lemon cucumbers. I’ve never seen or heard of
these plump little pale yellow guys but I knew they were special because Pick Chick was super excited about them.  She made plate of them, skins on and salted. I tried a slice but found the skin to be too tough for me. They tasted mild and a little less al dente than other cucumbers. I agree with Pick Chick, I would pick and give away these crazy round yellow guys!


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world cafe live presents…marc cohn

Pick chick says:

One of my favorite artists of all time is Marc Cohn.  Most people recognize him from his major hit Walking in Memphis.  I know most of his songs by heart and have always wanted to have his song True Companion as my wedding song.  Well on February 26, 2011, my wish came true.  We danced and cried to this song on our wedding night at Little Palm Island.  It was a magical night…

Then on an ordinary Thursday night, pick dude says to me, “wanna go see Marc Cohn, he is playing in Delaware?”  It was a emphatic YES!  He is on tour now and has 3 more shows booked for this year.  Check them out here.   If you are not familiar with him, definitely check him out!  His website is: http://www.marccohn.net/

We saw him play at the World Cafe Live at the Queen in Wilmington Delaware.

It was an amazing venue!  We  sat in the Downstairs Live Stage in general seating on the floor.  This was totally the place to be!  We had our own table with candles lighting our menus for a full bar and food service.  It was like dinner theatre, just much cooler!  It was the perfect venue for an intimate night of song and storytelling.  Marc put on a great show and when he asked for requests, we yelled “true companion” and to our delight, he played it!  It was amazing!

Our seats were super close!

Worth the Pick?

Pick Chick says:  Absolutely on all accounts!  Marc Cohn was great in concert.  The venue was fantastic for this type of show and the Lady Madonna cocktail was delish!  I highly recommend it!

It is absolut citron, absolut raspberri and chambord with fresh lime juice, agave syrup & a splash of cranberry juice…yum

Pick Dude says:  World Café Live’s, size, look and feel helped create an atmosphere of musical intimacy which enhanced the enjoyment of Marc Cohn’s soulful music. I would recommend World Café Live without reservation and it’s definitely worth the drive to Wilmington, DE. It’s a pick hands down, end of story, goodnight Wilmington!

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our first post!

hello all!

We are very excited to announce the creation of our blog, we.pick.  You can check it out by clicking here.  Our life, as a newly married couple, has been so exciting that we thoughts we would share some of our favorite moments with you!  we.pick is a blog where we will share our experiences as we pick our way through the simple things in life.

We will chat about and give reviews on the places we visit, the food and drinks that we indulge in and the fruits & veggies that we pick!  We will also share recipes on how to create yummy goodness with our picks!

We hope that you find it amusing, playful and fun and maybe just a little informative!  Click here to learn more about us.  Our postings will also be categorized by the tabs: eat, drink, pick and create.  Check them out too!

And if we are the only ones who think this is fun, at least we know it will keep our parents informed of our whereabouts when we don’t pick up our cell phones… 🙂

Pick on my friends!

the pick chick & the pick dude 

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