trenton tomato pie @ de lorenzo’s

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trenton tomato pie @ de lorenzo’s

If you hang around central New Jersey long enough, you will hear the locals talk about “tomato pie.”  Some say “tomato pie”, others say “Trenton pie” while other’s specifically say, “Trenton tomato pie.”  So after much asking around, we were told to go to De Lorenzo’s for an authentic Trenton Tomato Pie, aka Pizza.  Now saying you are going to De Lorenzo’s can be tricky because there are 2 of them with 2 different locations for each!  Same family too!

The local story is that the parents, Pasquale and Maria,  came over from Southern Italy in the early 1900’s and opened up the original pizzeria in 1936 at 1007 Hamilton Avenue, Trenton.   Getting a little antsy, one of their 12 children, Chick, decided he wanted a place of his own, so in 1947, he opened his own pizzeria in another section of town at 530 Hudson Street, Trenton.  They were at that location for 62 years and then decided to open another location in Robbinsville, NJ   two years ago.  In this location, they serve salads, have indoor seating, is BYOB and has a restroom!  Yes, the Hudson location does not.

So pick dude and I debated which of the 4 De Lorenzo’s to go to?  We normally opt for the original locales, but I love a good salad, so Chick’s De Lorenzo in Robbinsville (now run by his daughter and grandson), was the winner!

The menu was simple: pizza, salad and a drink.  Really, do you need more??

The salad was nice and simple too.  We shared the mixed greens salad, which has a light vinaigrette with pears and glazed walnuts.  Simple, but fresh.

Then we ordered a pie, aka “a tray” for the Pennsylvanians, with half plain, half with onions and sausage.  The atmosphere was busy, loud and lively.  After a 30 minute wait on a Tuesday night, we had high hopes because we were not expecting a wait on a Tuesday!

Everyone seemed jolly and enjoying themselves.  The wait staff was quick in taking your order and moving around constantly.  It had a NYC feel of quickness and we enjoyed the open pizza kitchen where you could see the pizzas being made.

Our beauty arrived and we were excited!

Here is was, the long awaiting Trenton Tomato Pie!

 worth the pick?

pick chick says: Overall, the pie was good and refreshing in a sense.  Crust was very tender and fresh, as were the tomatoes.  I loved the olive oil drizzle on top and the sausage was really delicious. But I missed the cheese.  I am just a cheese girl when it comes to pizza, so this is why I thought it was good, but not excellent for me.  I like the cheese to be abundant however that is just not how a Trenton Pie, by any pizzeria in this area, is.  Thin crust, good tomatoes and an olive oil drizzle is the signature.

pick dude says: At De Lorenzo’s, the sauce was very flavorful and the crust was very thin and crispy.  However I too would have liked more cheese with a little more spice to the sauce to boost the flavor.  So I think Trenton Tomato Pies are just not my thing, however, I can see why people love it. It looked nice, all the ingredients tasted fresh  and it was very simple. Tomato Pie may be one of those things that you love because you grew up with it but when you are not native, it’s just a simple pizza.

the skinny:

dress code: very casual

reservations: not sure if they take them, we assumed there would not be a wait so we didn’t; however if they do, we would recommend making one

atmosphere: new, clean and appealing, but hurried and busy

menu variety: pizza, salad and soda, that is all she wrote here!

service: good but they were always moving around quickly which may make you feel rushed

value for your dollar: our bill was $28 plus tax, for a salad, a large pie with 2 toppings on half and 2 sodas.  An inexpensive dinner for 2 in central jersey.

useful tidbit: if you put toppings on half of the pie, they will charge you for a full pie of toppings, so splurge and put it on the whole pie or skip the toppings.  It is BYOB.

conclusion: It was good, but we like to explore, so next time we will try the original-original on Hamilton Ave and see how that stacks up but we will miss the salad and the restroom if needed!

*as always, our opinions are our own and we are not endorsed or paid by the places we review, nor do we let them know we are reviewing them.  We want them to be unbiased to us so that we can give an honest review to you.


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